Our Company


Located on a natural relief to the center of an amphitheater of vineyards and orchards, Lanzarotti Farmhouse since 1883 hands down of father in child the values of the country tradition.

Here, you can find Roero wines, followed by fruits as peaches and plums of own cultivation, in the months from July in September.


Thanks to careful and constant cares in the vineyards and in the vinifications, followed with passion in every phase of the production, jointed to a deep and consolidated technical knowledge, we are able to offer wines of high quality expression of the territory.


Our Land


The Roero, with his hills, with their noble vineyards they often hide suburbs of ancient foundation, these are one of the principal motives that push tourist lover of the wine to visit this zone of the low Piedmont, included among the Appennino, Alps and Monferrato hills.


So, come on to meet us on our location, Sant'Anna, on the Ferreri hill, where Mr Carlo, Mrs. Paola, Mr. Vittorio, Mr. Giovanni, Mrs. Elsa waiting you to spend togheter beautiful moments of healthy and Roero cordiality, followed by a taste of high quality wine glass, expression of the territory.